Deciso is structured and full-bodied on the palate, the robust character gives a soft aroma of fresh cut grass. Bitter and spicy. two extreme notes which marry in a union without precedence.

This oil is achieved by harvesting the still green olives of the Moraiolo and Frantoio for the first pressing. The resulting spicy and decisive notes make it amazingly well-balanced and flavourful oil, ideal for those in search of an oil with a ‘decisive’ character. It has won the Japan Olive Oil Prize for two consecutive years (2020 and 2021) and been confirmed as the ‘Best in Class’ for its blend category. In Italy is was awarded both the prestigious Italian Excellence (le Eccellenze Italiane) in 2020 and AIPO D’Argento in 2018.

Deciso 2022
Delicato 2022


Mature olives give this selection a sweet and well-balanced flavour, the delightful notes are light and soft on the palate.

The olives are picked primarily from Frantoio and Leccino trees and the resulting blend is a Montigiani classic which has been in the catalogue since our first year of activity in 2017. Delicato was awarded Italian Excellence (Eccellenze Italiane) in 2020.


The intense green aroma and notes of thistle and artichoke stimulate and please the senses. Elegant touches of bitter and spicy lead the way to this selection’s stronger flavour.

The altitude of the mountain sides and the nearby forests located near the plots favour the organic biological process. The genuine purity of this organic product and its production was awarded Italian Excellence (Eccellenze Italiane) in 2020.

Biologico 2022
Diamond 2022


A “Diamond” with a story all its own; a different and limited production cycle. It activates the senses with the heady scent of its green fruit, enveloping the palate with notes of artichoke and almond.

This selection elevates the expression of the territory to its maximum level by relying on a particular production method. It requires a specific selection of olives which are rigorously and traditionally handpicked by Alberto, based on the tree’s sun exposure, its health and the maturity of the fruit. After the harvest, the olives are transported to our local mill where they undergo an innovative airless vacuum process to extract an oil of the highest quality.

The selection has a limited number of bottles given the high costs.

Alter Ego

The versatility and universality of flavour personified. Gentle notes and elegance, trustworthy of the palate.

Frantoio with the support of Moraiolo and Leccino olives are cultivated to produce this oil. This selection is ideal for those who are searching for softer and subtler flavours which don’t compromise the scent and elegance of an evenly-balanced fruity flavour. The flavour symmetry and profound versatility of this oil make it suitable for each and every dish and occasion.

Alter Ego 2022
Gin Extravirgin 2022


The first London Dry, with olive oil of our production, completely made in Tuscany. Eight botanical components make up a unique and inimitable recipe that is poured into a full-bodied gin of lasting flavour in which the richness of the oil becomes one of the main characters.

Extra virgin olive oil, white iris (our “giaggiolo”), cardamom and juniper are the mainstream protagonists of Montigiani gin, designed to embellish every moment of conviviality and sharing, leaving its sensations in the comfortable hands of the Tuscan territory.

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