The history of Montigiani’s farm is a fascinating story for all ages. Reggello, in the heart of Tuscany, is a municipality in the province of Florence which extends from the bottom of the Arno Valley to the mountain range of Pratomagno and it was within this environment that a child, born in the 90s and named Alberto, was instantly absorbed by his family’s passion and tradition for the olive.

“In the past, the process of olive production moved at a much slower pace and a good portion of the time, up to 5 or 6 hours a day, was spent in front of the mill’s grinder where conversations revolving around the busy harvest were shared with fellow neighbours.

It was here I felt at home, so much so that the mill became my first refuge when I, ‘occasionally’, skipped school. Among the memories, I fondly recall the years when my uncle and I would see the ‘new’ oil pour out of the funnel and, punctually, after our first taste, proudly pronounced it to be even better than the previous year. My vocation called and I decided I couldn’t live with only the memories and thoughts that jumped to mind every time I saw the tractors and carts from the local olive farms passing through my home town during the annual harvest.” These were the emotions that motivated me to create and become the main caretaker of the Montigiani farm.

In 2016, after a few experiences abroad and a wish, which was becoming less remote, to be closer to my roots and develop my territory, I decided to return to my home in Pietrapiana, a hamlet of Reggello, to focus on myself and olive cultivation.

The management of the initial plots brought the earliest fruits of my labour to the table, when the first two selections, Delicato and Deciso, were shared with family, friends and new clients. In 2018, to match both my contagious enthusiasm and a growing production, a new Biologico (Organic) selection was created. An opportunity of diversification, which further enriched production and one I consider ‘a feather in my cap’, is the Diamond selection. This is a superior extra virgin oil produced in a limited quantity and possible only thanks to a specific selection of trees (based on sun exposure), handpicked olives (based on maturity) and a different pressing process. Our latest addition is the other me which took the name of Alter Ego in 2020 when I decided to produce an oil of more versatile flavour to meet the needs and desires of our clients and to compliment and enhance culinary arts.

Moved by a continuous propensity for innovation, I decided to enter into the market of spirits with the gin EXTRAVIRGIN, a London Dry of olive oil flavour with characteristics unique to the world.

Following this great news, the farm is also proud to announce its continuing conversion towards becoming completely organic.

From this moment on the pages of the Montigiani book remain to be written.

Our Selections

Gin Extravirgin

The first London Dry, with olive oil of our production, completely made in Tuscany, eight botanical components make up a unique and inimitable recipe that is poured into a full-bodied gin of lasting flavour in which the richness of the oil becomes one of the main characters.


Deciso is structured and full-bodied on the palate, the robust character gives a soft aroma of fresh cut grass. Bitter and spicy. two extreme notes which marry in a union without precedence.


Mature olives give this selection a sweet and well-balanced flavour, the delightful notes are light and soft on the palate.


The intense green aroma and notes of thistle and artichoke stimulate and please the senses. Elegant touches of bitter and spicy lead the way to this selection’s stronger flavour.


A "Diamond" with a story all its own; a different and limited production cycle. It activates the senses with the heady scent of its green fruit, enveloping the palate with notes of artichoke and almond.

Alter Ego

The versatility and universality of flavour personified. Gentle notes and elegance, trustworthy of the palate.

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