My Philosophy

Through a mix of stubbornness, sacrifice and enthusiasm, I transformed my passion into a job and dedicated myself to personally controlling all of the production operations. The exceptional final results are an expression of the direct contact I have with the olives and land.

Montigiani oil is synonymous with quality and expresses a drop of the territory’s essence, a gift from the earth, the work and infinite passion of a man and the authenticity of nature.

My mission is to dedicate my life and work, with a strong sense of respect and responsibility, to the territory where I was raised; aiming to better develop one of Tuscany’s corners of paradise and Made in Italy cult products.

To promote and increase the perception levels and knowledge regarding extra virgin olive oil. To draw interest and educate people to distinguish, understand and appreciate the quality of our product.

To become the local point of reference for and synonym of recognized quality and trust at a national and international level. To light, in the smaller cultivators and future generations, the same professional desire that evoked my passage from the streets of my town to entrepreneur and one of the territory’s main olive growers.

Our Selections

Gin Extravirgin

The first London Dry, with olive oil of our production, completely made in Tuscany, eight botanical components make up a unique and inimitable recipe that is poured into a full-bodied gin of lasting flavour in which the richness of the oil becomes one of the main characters.


Deciso is structured and full-bodied on the palate, the robust character gives a soft aroma of fresh cut grass. Bitter and spicy. two extreme notes which marry in a union without precedence.


Mature olives give this selection a sweet and well-balanced flavour, the delightful notes are light and soft on the palate.


The intense green aroma and notes of thistle and artichoke stimulate and please the senses. Elegant touches of bitter and spicy lead the way to this selection’s stronger flavour.


A "Diamond" with a story all its own; a different and limited production cycle. It activates the senses with the heady scent of its green fruit, enveloping the palate with notes of artichoke and almond.

Alter Ego

The versatility and universality of flavour personified. Gentle notes and elegance, trustworthy of the palate.

Our awards

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