Alter Ego


An oil with an elegant flavour and soft sensorial notes which sublimely compliment any dish.
A blend of Tuscan olives from local cultivators, dominating in Frantoio olives mixed with the rich support of the Moraiole and Leccino varieties.

The versatility and universality of flavour personified. Gentle notes and elegance, trustworthy of the palate.

Frantoio with the support of Moraiolo and Leccino olives are cultivated to produce this oil. This selection is ideal for those who are searching for softer and subtler flavours which don’t compromise the aroma and elegance of an evenly-balanced fruity flavour. The flavour symmetry and profound versatility of this oil make it suitable for each and every dish and occasion.

Our suggestion: This oil perfectly compliments spelt and rice salads, homemade mayonnaise and ricotta cheese based desserts.

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